Havaianas importer takes steps towards better order fulfilment

Published on the 06/05/2015 | Written by Oxygen

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  • Aqueo Australia


  • Manufacturing and distribution


  • Reduce labour intensive administration
  • Improve departmental communication


  • SAP Business One


  • Automated dispatch
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Reduced manual monitoring


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UXC Oxygen has completed two integration projects for Aqueo, the Australian footwear importer responsible for distributing the renowned Havaianas brand, which have reduced repetitive administrative work and sped up order fulfillment...

Aqueo wanted to reduce the labour intensive administration associated with its warehouse transfers, bills of materials, inventory management, invoicing and picking, and to speed up order fulfillment times for its online and wholesale operations. It also wanted to improve communication and information exchange between departments.

Marcos Morastico, general manager of operations and business development for Aqueo,says the warehouse management system integration was a complex project, involving a number of different scenarios and formats.

“We had multiple warehouses to synchronise and had a lot of information to exchange as we work with thousands of SKUs, diverse business unit workflows, and a continuous introduction of new styles to the market.”

“We now have a seamless, automated ‘order to despatch’ process,” says Morastico. “Once a customer lodges an order on our online store, it is sent automatically into SAP and then on from there into our Microlistics warehouse management system. The order is picked in the warehouse and the relevant invoicing and confirmation information is sent back into SAP and into our Kentico ecommerce solution.”


“UXC Oxygen spent time getting to know our business. It meant we had less troubleshooting to do down the track.”
Marcos Morastico, General Manager Operations and Business Development, Aqueo

The UXC Oxygen solution manages multiple points of interface and ensures all transactions were transferred correctly between SAP Business One and the Microlistics warehouse management system.

A key part of the project was the transfer of information between Aqueo’s wholesale and e-commerce warehouses. “Ensuring the transfer of stock from boxes in our wholesale warehouse down to pairs in our e-commerce warehouse used to be a complicated, labour-intensive process using a bill of materials. Now we have redesigned it so it becomes an internal sales order within SAP – saving us time and money.”

The integration projects have significantly reduced administration duties and improved order delivery times for Aqueo.

Morastico says UXC Oxygen did a thorough job designing the blueprint, which reduced the troubleshooting his staff needed to do.

“They really got to grips with our processes and understood all the business scenarios we have to deal with. The time spent there paid off when we went live, because we minimised any reworking and significantly reduced the number of order failures in the interface.”

UXC Oxygen was able to help achieve this by integrating orders arriving from Aqueo’s e-commerce system into SAP Business One and move order information from SAP Business One into the warehouse management system. It also ensured that order fulfilment and inventory transactions completed in the warehouse management system were pushed back into SAP Business One, completing the loop. Finally, the IT partner automated invoice production and stock transfer management between the online and wholesale warehouses.

“The level of service we received from UXC Oxygen was excellent.”
Marcos Morastico, General Manager Operations and Business Development, Aqueo

Aqueo management is very pleased with the results. Morastico says the twin projects were completed on time and on budget with minimal disruption to the business. Aqueo’s ‘order to despatch’ process is now automated and has seamless information transfer between Kentico, SAP Business One and Microlistics, which means the business now has up-to-date visibility or orders across its systems.

The company is also enjoying faster order fulfillment due to a reduction in administration tasks and the minimisation of order failures, and has been able to reduce it manual monitoring and paperwork by automating all delivery and invoicing transactions and communications.

And finally, the automated bill of materials function has reduced the manual stock transfer processes between wholesale and online business units.

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