2017 World Wide Web conference

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The conference will feature four streams around the evolution of the web, technical standards, the impact of the web on society, and its future. Connecting all four streams will be themes of eLearning, remote services, security and privacy.

A W3C technical stream will review and consider web standards and the impact and needs of a rapidly-expanding web universe.

1. Making decisions
The web is powerful, empowering and potentially dangerous. The momentum of ideas crossing borders at high speed challenges the way we govern and regulate our societies.

2. Rethinking place
Our place on Earth has been defined by geography, our connections and our access to information. Now travellers see and understand their destination before they arrive, and leave behind information trails about the places they’ve visited. We are increasingly mediating our relationships by overlaying virtual experiences onto physical spaces.

3. Living in the always on
Today, we are connected, we are revealed, and we are part of the solution. Our concept of data has grown to include our bodies, our relationships, and our virtual environment. Data-mining, sensors, pattern recognition and new attitudes to the sharing of data are reconstructing the way we analyse our surrounds. The presentation of data will undergo radical change by 2017 as information is delivered in more emotionally compelling and time-sensitive ways.

4. The balance between technology and culture
Technology has always influenced culture but the current intensity of that has no precedent. Let’s consider where this is heading. As brands move from advertiser to friend, and as computer hardware becomes an extension of self, questions are raised.

Conference structure
The conference entails the three-day technical program, two days of workshops and tutorials, a poster display and hands-on developer day plus broad alternate tracks, keynote speeches and invited talks, seminars and panel discussions focused around the four conference themes.

A major technical expo geared towards the future of the web offers specialist and innovative product and service demos each day, a formal poster display, live ‘gamer’ space and digital art exhibition while the expo floor features comfortable spaces and hubs for delegates to network while enjoying the exquisite and unique tastes of Western Australia.

The conference promises a once-in-a-lifetime Australian experience with rare and exciting opportunities to dissect the future of the web through the broader Festival of the Web: 8 days of exciting niche events encompassing relevant and timely streams, where the best technical and creative minds will gather to discuss the future direction of the web.

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