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OPEX Week 2017 is renowned for first-class thought leadership and networking for leaders and executives of operational excellence. It pushes for agility and a more rapid, customer-centric response to a demanding and difficult-to-navigate market.

The event will have 90% new speakers, best practice insights, more than 30 hours of networking opportunities and a focus on leveraging processes to enable strategy, agility and customer centricity.

Gone are the days of just needing to excel in Lean Six Sigma to achieve optimum efficiency.

Digital technology and disruption, artificial intelligence & relentless customer demands have forced organisations to look to operating models and processes that enable innovation and strategy; becoming agile, flexible and more responsive to drive customer-centricity and the best ROI.

This new world that businesses are entering will differentiate the companies that see OpEx merely as a way to reduce costs, drive efficiency and improve quality to those which leverage process to transform strategic intent into reality.

The vision of OpEx 2017 is to connect transformation executives, facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas, drive solutions-based discussion, and help develop partnerships, all to drive the OpEx blueprint forward.

We understand every organisation is different. The scope and potential of your operations differ due to your business’s vision. That is why OpEx Week 2017 will be tailored for and catered to different tiers of scope and focus.

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