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As organisations become more data-driven, and there is more data, the FutureData conference explores different approaches and creative ways to capture, store, manage, analyse, find insights and generate direct benefit from data.

The two-day program will feature speakers both from legacy businesses discussing how data is delivering new insights and transforming their business, as well as the new innovators whose success is driven by the value in and their ability to leverage data. The agenda will highlight practical case study sessions and dynamic, info-sharing panel discussions that go beyond the hype and give tangible takeaways on how to gain real results from data, as well as consider where it’s headed next.

FutureData 2018 will host Chief Data Officers; Data Scientists; CIOs; CTOs; Heads of Enterprise Data Strategy & Architecture; Analytics professionals; Data Management leaders; Information Managers; Business Intelligence Heads; Enterprise Data Architects; Innovation Managers; Heads of Customer Insight; Big Data Solutions Leads.


Day one
9:00am – Welcome from the chair

9:05am – International keynote: Data and innovation – helping to bring the world within reach
The travel industry is one of the world’s most competitive and dynamic sectors. As one of the world’s largest travel companies, Expedia is at the forefront of innovation in this space. And at the heart of this innovation is data-science.

While Expedia, like many other technology companies, has access to vast amounts of data, it is the speed at which the company analyses this data to deliver tangible benefits for the traveller that drives the business forward. Gabriel Garcia, Global Head Mobile Apps Marketing & Head of Marketing APAC at Expedia will share how and why Expedia focuses on data-science and how processing this data can feed into personalisation, real-time responses and product development.

Gabriel Garcia, Global Head Mobile Apps Marketing and Head of Marketing APAC, Expedia Group

9:35am – How do you get buy in at the executive level to do more data-driven projects & make data part of your DNA

  • How to quantify data within a business to make a business case
  • How do you put value on data and show ROI?
  • How do you bring a business case to the leadership team and get buy-in to complete transformation project, do change management, drive a new team and implement new technology?

Kathryn Gulifa, Head of Customer Analytics Innovation – Customer Data & Analytics – Marketing, NAB

10:05am – The value of utilising data visualisation tools

  • Enabling greater analytics – digging for more insights
  • Quickly analyse data more accurately
  • Responding to insights faster
  • Training your analytics team for visualisation

10:35am – Morning tea & networking break

11:05am – The business implications of the IoT, the data generated by the IoT and the AI that uses that data

  • Handling the shear amounts of data provided by the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Turning IoT data into usable information and knowledge with actual actionable insights
  • Privacy and how and when to protect personally identifiable information (PII) from the IoT
  • How to secure IoT data from abuse
  • How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) use IoT data
  • The future of AI and IoT
  • The implications of decisions being made between machines (AI) and devices (the Things in the IoT) without human interaction – what does this look like?

David Goad, Postgraduate Fellow and Honorary Associate, The University of Sydney Business School, Head of IoT/AI Strategy, Ignia/Insight Australia, and Co-chair IoT Start-up Innovation Workstream, IoT Alliance of Australia

11:35am – Exploring new ways to interact with data and analytical insights enabled by the intersection of IoT and Mixed Reality (AR/VR)

  • New types of data generated with IoT
  • Evolution of AR & VR
  • The role of Digital Twins
  • Is Mixed Reality the future user interface for IoT?

Praveen Senadheera, Internet of Things Specialist, Telstra Global Enterprise

12:05pm – Panel Discussion: Data-driven marketing – using data to tailor products, services and content to your customers/audience

  • Once you have the data, how are you using it?
  • How do you segment and find new opportunities?
  • How are different companies finding insights?
  • The ethics of using personal data for marketing

Panel members
Steve Brennen, Marketing Director ANZ, Uber
Alex Ozdowski, Director, Australian Market, Expedia Group
Dan Robins, APAC Head of Programmatic & Data, Spotify
Additional panellists to be advised

12:45pm – Lunch & networking break

1:45pm – Case study: A snapshot of one of the largest digital transformations undertaken in Australia

Clubs Australia is digitally transforming 6,500 clubs throughout the country. The organisation has one of the largest databases in Australia.

Empowering change

  • How do you make change internally?
  • How do you make change within other organisations where you hold minimal influence?
  • Releasing funding in an agile way
  • Risk, governance & personal liability
  • Creating a new system without legacy technology
  • Philosophy around a central data engine

David McGrath, Chief Digital Officer, Clubs Australia

2:15pm – Case study: Transport for NSW’s journey on leveraging data and partnerships to deliver insights

The introduction of Opal cards has provided a vast amount of data and information on how, when and where the NSW public travel, allowing TfNSW to gain unprecedented insights into travel patterns and behaviours. New tools, datasets and ways of working are being embraced by Transport to transform data into insights enabling more informed planning and improved service delivery to drive better public transport options for customers.

This presentation will demonstrate how the Opal data, combined with other datasets, is being used to provide the evidence base and deliver insights to solve complex problems.

Karen Willetts, A/Director Transport Performance and Analytics, Transport for NSW

2:45pm – Case study: The data odyssey – the journey for Deputy data architecture
In this session, Duhita will discuss the journey of data at Deputy from the company’s humble beginnings, to how it uses data today, and how data will be used in the future.

  • Deputy has grown significantly in terms of data volumes over the past 10 years. The session will discuss the timeline from the creation of the data lake, to creating the data warehouse from the data lake
  • A look at how Deputy has grown to be a self-serving data-driven organisation and how executives are now using data for decision making and growth hacking
  • Exploring how Deputy is working towards implementing machine learning and AI for operational efficiencies as well as integrating it into the product suite
  • A discussion on the creation of lean and mean data teams in an organisation

Duhita Khadepau, Head of Data Science and Insights, Deputy

3:15pm – Afternoon tea & networking break

3:45pm – Case study: How LinkedIn uses data to fuel accelerated growth
Seeking to create the world’s most efficient data-driven organisation, LinkedIn’s Insights team developed a bespoke sales intelligence platform, Merlin. Learn how LinkedIn built (and rebuilt) the platform combining proprietary and CRM data to drive efficiency at scale.

This case study will cover:

  • Driving organisational change through democratisation of insights
  • Scaling and embedding data-driven decision making within the organisation
  • Implementing a process of continuous improvement
  • Measuring impact and gaining buy-in to go from small experiment to business essential

Sabina Sobinina, APAC Insights Manager, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, LinkedIn

4:15pm – Panel Discussion: How do you leverage data when thinking about the future of work?

Data isn’t just for companies to leverage, it can also be used by gig economy workers to maximise earnings. Whatever the worker’s use case is, the more data a company provides will help empower the worker to choose how and when they work. This panel will discuss the role data plays in the future of work, including how different companies are putting the power of data in the hands of their gig workers.

Panel members
Levi Aron, Country Manager – Australia, Deliveroo
Dan Gooden, Data Lead, Airtasker
Christopher Nheu, Head of Product, Mad Paws
Sarah Tang, Head of Global Operations, Freelancer.com

4:55pm – Closing remarks from the chair

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