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Customer Experience & Technologies Summit 2019
Improve CX with the latest trends on customer experience management

Customer experience management is at the top of the Australian CEOs’ agenda and the core part of organisation’s digital transformation program. Leaders across every part of the organisation are claiming to place experience at the center of their strategies, but very often the perceptions of “good” customer service vary greatly between organisations and their customers.

Therefore, selecting the right technologies and new business models that deliver seamless customer experience, and effective use of data are critical elements of your end-to-end CX strategy, to gain customer trust and achieve desired business goals are critical.

Shape customer experience for improved business outcomes:

    • Deliver a seamless experience, regardless of the channel a customer chooses to use
    • Develop a clear CX vision and strategy in your organisation
    • Understand how to use artificial intelligence to deliver a fantastic experience
    • Unlock the real business value in your customer data
    • Elevate CX through customer journey design and monitoring
    • Provide personalized customer interaction across a multichannel environment
    • Design B2C and B2B CX strategies with “moments of truth”


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