Overcoming the challenges of digital transformation

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Transforming services to be simple, clear and fast.
Digital Transformation isn’t just about knowing where you want to be, it’s about understanding and overcoming the huge challenges in getting there. From policy to technical capabilities, to customer-centric service design, this conference will deliver lessons learnt and case studies from departments and agencies in the midst of their digital transformation journey. Providing the perfect opportunity to network and build your future strategy.

Benefits of attending the Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation conference:
Visualise the potential impacts of new technology on your sector
Develop a technology strategy for times of constant change
Navigate the unfamiliar terrain of platform sharing
Research user needs and embed this into service design
Cope with increasing volumes of data and information

Who will attend?

  • Federal & State Government Departments and Agencies with roles of:
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Directors/ Managers/ Heads of:
  • Digital Transformation
  • Service Delivery
  • ICT
  • Innovation
  • Web/Online


John Sheridan, Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Office, Department of Finance
Kerryn Kovacevic, Branch Manager Online Services Development & Engagement, Department of Employment
Tony Braxton-Smith, Deputy Secretary, Customer Services, Transport For NSW
Andrew Walduck, Group Chief Digital Officer, AUSTRALIA POST

Other speakers Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation

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