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TIBCO Innovation Day 2019


TIBCO Innovation Day 2019

By interconnecting everything, including new technologies and data, you enable prototyping of new services, measurement of those services, and when successful, the ability to quickly scale them. By augmenting intelligence with analytics, you attain access to the right data, deeper insight, and faster, smarter action. Mastering these capabilities paves the way to innovation best practices and key differentiators for companies that lead in customer service, operations, and product development.

Join the TIBCO team as you digitally transform your business, move toward easy adoption of emerging technologies as integral elements, and approach your organisation, ecosystem, and community with an open source, innovative, data-driven mindset to make an impact on the world.

We look forward to hosting in these cities:

Perth – October 15 (8.00am – 11.30am AWST)
Sydney – October 17 (8.00am – 11.30am AEDT)
Melbourne – November 12 (8.00am – 11.30am AEDT)
Canberra – November 13 (8.00am – 11.30am AEDT)
Brisbane – November 14 (8.00am – 11.30am AEST)

08:00 am – Registration & networking breakfast
08:30 am – Keynote : Innovation at the Edge
09:00 am – All about Analytics : From Data Management to Data Visualization, Putting it all together
09:30 am – Customer Case Study
10:00 am – Morning Tea Break
10:30 am – Connecting Your Digital Platform : The Age of the Customer.
11:00 am – TIBCO New Technologies Driving Innovation
11:30 am – Concludes

Bruno Trimouille – Vice President Marketing, TIBCO Software
Michael O’Connell – Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software
Shawn Rogers – Sr. Director Analytics Strategy, TIBCO Software
Robert Merlicek – CTO APJ, TIBCO Software
San Zaw – Vice President Solution Consulting APJ, TIBCO Software


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