Preparing your business for PDF and EDI invoicing

Published on the 01/07/2019 | Written by Emmanuel Olivier, Esker

PDF Invoicing_Esker

Managing EDI is now mandatory, but pdf remains a necessity…

In Australia and Singapore, the governments have adopted PEPPOL to enable businesses to communicate electronically using a standard format. Italy was the first country to legislate mandatory e-invoicing in Jan 2019. E-invoicing is necessary for organisations to drive efficiency, productivity, and visibility.

Being a certified PEPPOL access point provider, here’s an executive insight on what we have gathered over the years:

  • Understanding B2B & B2G e-invoicing
  • Managing the next steps for EDI and PDF invoicing
  • Insights from Italy – Mandating e-invoicing
  • How to be ‘PEPPOL ready’

E-invoicing is necessary for organisations to drive efficiency, productivity, and visibility.

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