Whitepaper: Nine key API performance indicators for digital business

Published on the 22/11/2017 | Written by TIBCO

This whitepaper, on API management and analytics, defines common KAPIs and the types of professionals most likely to appreciate each…

API programs are not new; TIBCO Mashery has been helping companies manage them for more than a decade. Their popularity continues to grow as more businesses undergo digital transformation and recognize the value of using APIs to expose software and data assets to internal and third-party developers, employees, partners, and customers.

Every API program is different, with unique use cases, varied business objectives, and stakeholders from customers to sales personnel, and the Accounting department to Operations. But even though there may be many people and multiple roles involved in getting an API program up and running, there are a few core metrics (key API performance indicators, or KAPIs) of interest to all. Understanding some of these common KAPIs, what they represent, and their significance for performance, business operations, and/or API consumers, help ensure program effectiveness and good decision-making.

Key API performance indicators:

  • Registered API keys
  • Usage consistency
  • Availability
  • Queries per second
  • Concurrency
  • Macro usage trends
  • Top user stats
  • Error rates
  • Latency/Response time

API performance indicators
Download to read the full Whitepaper: Nine key API performance indicators for digital business


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