Webinar: Technology Strategies To Drive Digital Business Transformation

Published on the 02/06/2016 | Written by iStart

Tim Sheedy and Stephen Irecki

This webinar provides insights for technology leaders wanting to understand how they can help their companies transform into digital businesses...

As organisations begin to embrace their digital customers, they are starting to transform into digital businesses themselves. In order to achieve this, they need to master both the digital customer experience and digital operational excellence. In this webinar, our guest speakers Tim Sheedy from Forrester Research, and Stephen Irecki from Interactive Intelligence in Sydney help technology leaders understand how they can help their companies transform into digital businesses. Specifically they will help you understand:

  • What are the top initiatives that CIOs are making to transform into digital businesses?
  • Why cloud computing is the foundation of digital operational excellence.
  • How cloud computing is helping technology leaders drive improved business agility and better customer outcomes.

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