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Systems integration is about designing, building or adjusting your company IT or business process systems to ensure there’s a cohesive approach to information across diverse components or equipment from multiple vendors.

Integration generally means combining parts so that they work together or form a whole. In information technology that can mean bringing different manufacturers’ products together into a single system.

Why do we need it?
During the 80s, the dawning of the age of business computer systems, technology grew in great leaps and bounds with little concern for how it was all going to work together. Mainframes, minicomputers and eventually the PC had different operating systems, as did the networks that connected them.

As the 90s shifted the focus to connectivity, network operating systems became more complex but meant a greater range of hardware and software could co-operate on the same network. Now as we enter the cloud era and an age of interconnected enterprises and devices, internal systems are expected to interact across department and branch processes, websites, multiple devices and apps not only internally but also with up- and down-stream partners in the supply chain.

That’s where systems integration or the services offered by a systems integrator become invaluable. If in-house IT resources are already stretched, this is a function that can be outsourced to a consulting company with IT analysis and software customising skills.

Who should consider systems integration?
If your organisation has grown in a piecemeal way with different departments responsible for their own IT development and are considering ways to improve efficiency and get into business-to-business electronic commerce then you need to think seriously about systems integration.

If different departments’ systems are connected to each other, each department can get a much better view of how to sell to and service the customer.

Systems integration ensures that organisations can begin to operate more holistically, with systems working together to build a corporate memory and much deeper relationships with customers and business partners. Getting the old and new systems working together opens the way for greater co-operation, speedier access to data and a much better grasp of resources.



Secure_Parking_Rick Chandra_2024

Secure Parking lifts gate to data transformation

opinion-article |February 29, 2024 | Steve Young Senior Engagement Manager SnapLogic

Finding a carpark gets easier with key partnership…

Fuelling business growth with data optimisation and automation

opinion-article |June 28, 2023 | Brad Drysdale

Steps to unlock business potential…

Jeremiah Stone_SnapLogic CTO_2023 trends

2023 trends: Reshaping the future of business with cloud, data and AI

opinion-article |January 9, 2023 | Jeremiah Stone CTO at SnapLogic

Key data, cloud and AI trends that will reshape the future of business for the year ahead…

2023 opportunity: APAC expansion

opinion-article |December 12, 2022 | Ahsan Malik CFO at SnapLogic

Insider advice for growth-focused tech vendors…

The pressure is on universities to innovate

opinion-article |June 30, 2022 | James Campbell

Data-driven student systems provide a first step…

Why 2022 is critical for investment in health innovation

opinion-article |January 14, 2022 | Michael Kodari

Health analytics and AI present strategic opportunities…


Cybersecurity needs health and safety mindset

feature-article |December 10, 2021 | Heather Wright

It’s all about leadership…

Liz Forsyth_Northcott

Cincom presents: Liz Forsyth, Northcott

feature-article |August 13, 2021 | Cincom partners

Leadership in 2021 at Northcott…

Adaptive business case for integration

The business case for integration

It’s not all about the tech. PlaceMakers, Fulton Hogan and VUW show why integration matters…

Integration Power_Adaptiv Phil Cullins

With integration comes power

research-articles |November 10, 2020 | Adaptiv

But first, how do you get to the ‘on’ switch?…

Proof of concept is so yesterday

opinion-article |November 6, 2020 | Adaptiv

Now, it’s all about proof of value…

RPA_ Fuji Xerox_Alice and Leon

Winning at RPA

feature-article |November 1, 2019 | Heather Wright

A matter of using robots and human intelligence when the hat fits…

Paul Littlefair

Switched on CIO: Paul Littlefair NZ CIO of the Year

feature-article |June 20, 2019 | Heather Wright

A down-on-the-farm focus on execution has changed the role of technology for LIC…

Gartner CIO 2019 predictions

Dr Gartner prescribes digital detox, play and daydreams

feature-article |January 22, 2019 | Heather Wright

2019 CIO resolutions recommend creative pursuits…

Transitioning to agile? First prepare your environment

opinion-article |May 29, 2018 | Owen McCall

It may well be the corporate buzzword of the decade, but proper business agility is all about setting the foundations say Owen McCall…

Why an API strategy is critical for your DevOps environment in 2018

opinion-article |January 11, 2018 | Will Bosma

As organisations plan their IT strategies for 2018, increasing attention is being given to DevOps, writes Will Bosma…

Enterprise technology_Unit4_Dan Ussher

Enterprise Tech in 2018: What’s on the horizon

opinion-article |December 13, 2017 | Dan Ussher

We are in a period of transition, says Unit4’s Dan Ussher, moving away from ownership of assets and instead consuming services…

Digital transformation hype_Flow Software

Digital transformation – peel away the hype

feature-article |October 24, 2017 | Newsdesk

Focus instead on creating business value…

Drop the ‘digital’ – these days it’s just ‘experience’

opinion-article |September 5, 2017 | Keith Buckley

An increased focus on digital requires your entire business to understand they have a role to play in enhancing user experience, writes Keith Buckley…

Microsoft_field service

Field service at the sharp end of digital transformation

feature-article |March 3, 2017 | Donovan Jackson

Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result is, apparently, at least one definition of insanity…

cold calling

Exploit your hidden assets for sales success

opinion-article |May 5, 2016 | Manish Goel

Leveraging your corporate networks can boost your warm sales leads by 40 percent, says TrustSphere CEO, Manish Goel…

UXC itsm

Is SIAM the white knight on the horizon for IT Service Management?

vendor-contribution |September 10, 2015 | Newsdesk

Organisations may have been unknowingly setting up their IT Service Management (ITSM) initiatives for failure but there is a solution according to UXC Consulting…

c suite soup

C-Suite soup: Win with actions, not titles

opinion-article |August 18, 2015 | Owen McCall

Every function, discipline and sub-discipline aspires to be in the C-Suite, says Owen McCall. But it is outcomes and not titles that count…

Air NZ

Air New Zealand: The tech company with planes

feature-article |August 13, 2015 | Donovan Jackson

Think Air New Zealand is an airline? Well, yes it is, but according to CIO Julia Raue, it needs to be an experience-led digital social company to get the competitive edge…

ixom azure uxc

UXC signs three-year $12 million contract with Ixom

vendor-contribution |August 5, 2015 | Vendor - media release

UXC to provide Application Managed Services and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform…

chief data officer

Tapping the data asset: the emerging Chief Data Officer

feature-article |July 29, 2015 | Donovan Jackson

The IT world bandies big data about as some kind of nirvana but the reality is that data is a pain point for most. But organisations are starting to value data as an asset they need to get serious about…

Agility runs deep, failure runs deeper

feature-article |April 7, 2015 | Clare Coulson

IT developers have been refining the process of agile development frameworks for the last two decades. Today a more flexible work method is necessary across the enterprise. Organisations are now beginning to heed the lessons learnt from agile development and apply its principles to other departments. Clare Coulson investigates…

Project failure

Why agile hype could lead to project failure

opinion-article |March 31, 2015 | Darren Christophersen

Darren Christophersen, general manager of applications & consulting at Empired explains why you should be wary of the hype…

Five steps

Five steps to identify the right software development pathway

opinion-article |March 11, 2015 | Lizann Gohring

Chief Operating Officer, North America at DXC Technology, Lizann Gohring, takes you through the five key steps to determine the level of development for your business…

Conversation CRO

Who owns IT?: The CxO procurement conversation

feature-article |March 9, 2015 | iStart

IT investment used to be the sole preserve of the CIO, but recent research shows this is changing and CxOs and line managers are taking on a greater decision-making role…

UX: Creating beautiful software

feature-article |December 31, 2014 | Anthony Doesburg

Enterprise software has finally got the message that user-friendly also means productivity-friendly, and a bit sexy. We asked Anthony Doesburg to look at how to create simple-to-use software and websites…

Whitepaper: Enabling enterprise mobility through people-centric IT

research-articles |November 28, 2014 | Intergen

Multi-device workplaces are creating new challenges for IT, but by implementing a people-centric management approach businesses can satisfy both the needs of their users and their governance and security requirements…

Old fashioned views of ICT endanger business

opinion-article |September 15, 2014 | Amanda White

Emerging ICT Leader of the Year Amanda White says there is frustration amongst a large number of ICT managers who are being excluded from the C-suite…

Call Centres

Satisfaction calling: does outsourcing contact centres work?

feature-article |July 10, 2014 | Stephen Withers

Often maligned from within and outside, the contact centre is the coal face of customer service interaction. But so often the processes and people are dumbed down so they can be sent offshore and run more cheaply. Stephen Withers treads the political minefield…[View as PDF]


Tardy SMEs late and inaccurate – survey

research-articles |September 11, 2013 | Newsdesk

Information disconnect between businesses and their accountants results in time wasting and lost opportunities according to new research…

Investment survey

2013 iStart ICT Investment Intentions Survey

research-articles |September 9, 2013 | Hayden McCall

Mobilising management is the key objective of IT investment plans for 2013 says iStart’s annual investment survey. The mid-market is investing in mobile business intelligence while small business is doing more with less in the cloud.

Some manufacturers just don’t get IT!

opinion-article |August 22, 2013 | Hayden McCall

Keith Jessop laments the lost opportunities that he sees from 20,000 feet when manufacturers do not leverage their system capabilities to do better business.

E-health technology shows vital signs

feature-article |August 21, 2013 | Chris Bell

From referrals systems to electronic health records and devices that allow patients to monitor their symptoms, health sector technology is evolving…




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