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The term ‘electronic commerce’ is often associated with business to consumer (B2C) applications such as on online stores but internet technology is also making its presence felt in the business-to-business (B2B) arena. Three application areas of particular importance to the supply chain are: electronic procurement, B2B information exchange, and online catalogue management.

The ability to purchase all your organisation’s needs from a one-stop-shop offers logical time and money savings benefits – when that location is a web site and orders can be lodged and processed electronically the business case can become compelling.

Typically, an e-procurement web site allows qualified and registered users to look for buyers or sellers of goods and services who may specify prices or invite bids. Volume purchases may qualify customers for discounts or special offers.

Such sites are designed to streamline a company’s purchasing processes by placing and approving orders and arranging delivery thereby eliminating many paper-based procedures and labour-intensive processes.

B2B Information Exchange | EDI
Electronic data interchange (EDI) opens the way for significant transaction cost savings and better relationships between companies that regularly trade with each other, or trade with high volumes of orders.

EDI reduces reliance on paper or ‘hard copy’ when processing documents such as invoices or purchase orders by enabling direct computer-to-computer processing. The technology and acceptance of such integration has matured along with the reliability of such systems. Any business which receives a large number of standard documents that require significant format shifting or re-keying of data should consider exchanging these documents electronically. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • using the integration components on legacy systems (API or web service calls on the application or database)
  • using in-house middleware to receive, transform and send data
  • using third-party cloud based B2B messaging specialists

Online Catalogue Management

Most organisations have an inventory containing a list of goods, parts and products and services on offer, along with a description, model and order numbers. Converting that information into an electronic format and taking it on-line can represent a major shift forward in efficiency, cost savings and customer service.

Having your product specs and inventory on-line means you can keep it up to date in real time as changes occur, and you can accommodate price increases or discounts, new suppliers or new product ranges, and, importantly, enable integration with in-house or external eCommerce engines.


Kevin Drinkwater_Mainfreight

Switched on CIO: Kevin Drinkwater moves Mainfreight beyond trucking

feature-article |November 15, 2018 | Heather Wright

Throwing light on supply chain black holes…

AI role in customer service_Sreelesh Pillai_Freshworks

The AI dilemma: What is AI’s role in customer service?

opinion-article |May 9, 2018 | Sreelesh Pillai

AI brings speed and cost efficiency to business processes. But what about empathy?…

B2B Elle Bell Accenture

B2B starts with a …C

Creating value from B2B digital channels starts with customer discovery says Accenture’s Elle Bell…

Supply chain_Anaplan

How data consolidation delivers a better supply chain

opinion-article |January 30, 2018 | Jim McParlane

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses constantly hunt for ways to drive operational efficiency, writes Anaplan’s Jim McParlane…


DevOps, disruption and Tesla doing business the old fashioned way

feature-article |November 21, 2017 | Donovan Jackson

All the awesome tech in the world still superseded by the basics…

Digital or IT project

Does IT mean ‘digital’? Not with these five key differences

opinion-article |March 15, 2017 | Lee Stevens

Digital is in danger of becoming an arbitrary, meaningless term as it continues to be overused, writes Lee Stevens…


Why blockchain could change the world

opinion-article |September 13, 2016 | John Jones

It may sound like something out of a B&D dungeon as blockchain emerges from the dark world behind Bitcoin, writes John Jones…


All go for omnichannel?

feature-article |October 30, 2015 | Donovan Jackson

It’s hardly like the internet, ecommerce or even m-commerce are new things, yet the concept of omnichannel retail is grabbing business headlines. Donovan Jackson investigates and finds that omni really is all…

supply chain disruption

Disruption and the supply chain

opinion-article |September 16, 2015 | Jonathan Reay

Consumer demand is colliding with a supply chain that isn’t ready and can’t keep up…

How to make money as an ISP

opinion-article |March 17, 2015 | Brendan Ritchie

Sector expert Brendan Ritchie looks at the reality of shrinking margins for ISPs and telcos today…

Three key strategies for integrating online and physical supply chains

research-articles |December 11, 2014 | Danie Vermeulen

Selling through online channels relies on virtual processes that work with physical realities. This white paper by Danie Vermeulen delves into key strategies for success…[Register to download]

Investment survey

2013 iStart ICT Investment Intentions Survey

research-articles |September 9, 2013 | Hayden McCall

Mobilising management is the key objective of IT investment plans for 2013 says iStart’s annual investment survey. The mid-market is investing in mobile business intelligence while small business is doing more with less in the cloud.

Mobile phone retail

Making BYOD a success in retail

opinion-article |January 7, 2013 | Mobico

Retail BYOD shifts the focus of the retail assistant from expertise to enablement, but will the customer journey suffer? Aldas Palubinskas discusses this up and coming trend…

‘Please sir, can I have some more productivity…?’

opinion-article |December 23, 2009 | Mobico

GM of leading NZ mobile solutions provider Mobico, Aldas Palubinskas, is passionate about productivity. He discusses how leading NZ businesses can achieve real world productivity gains and how they can get the dickens out of their day…

THRIVE despite the recession with mobile solutions

opinion-article |September 21, 2009 | Johanna Bennett

Current rhetoric is still focused on surviving the recession, but fortunes have been built in bad times. Mobico’s Aldas Palubinskas talks to Johanna Bennett about how business can thrive by focusing on managing the job – with a little help from mobile technology…

reuse old phones

Clunky mobile devices evolve into savvy, elegant tools

opinion-article |June 23, 2009 | Johanna Bennett

Mobile solutions can radically improve business processes, and make and save companies’ big dollars, says mobile solutions specialist Mobico…




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