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icon_news13 September 2019
Digital future divide, US Congress’ cloud moves, Insuring extortion, Open AI, APIs are killer bees, Brewing business success
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icon_news6 September 2019
Aerial imaging Soars, Cybersecurity inconsistencies, Algorithms peeve staff, Data culture, Roboat and bridges, Caving out a new build
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icon_news23 August 2019
Swinburne milks IoT R&D, Pinpoint GPS, Simple AI (please), Accenture buys Analytics8, NZ MSP eyes Oz, Time to upgrade?
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icon_news16 August 2019
Digi-banking, Insights beyond spreadsheets, Email alert, CX reality check, PDTs work it, The post-modern enterprise
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icon_news9 August 2019
AI gets political, Voice commerce, Tech’s helping hand, CDO 4.0, H&S Checkmate, Empired’s Dynamic win
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icon_news2 August 2019
Anonymised data? yeah right, ACCC warning shots, Accenture rings up Coles, RPA insights, Cloud cashes in, GMHBA insurance gets personal
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