icon_news7 August 2020
Paying for news, The privacy paradox, Trump’s Tik Tok play, STEMming shortages, Zespri’s DX deal
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icon_news31 July 2020
Investing for recovery, Fonterra’s Azure move, Virtual training, Kiwi Agritech’s big plan, Tech futureproofing, Where’s the Quarantech?
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icon_news24 July 2020
Our Jenga future, Self-flying drones, AI use cases get real, All-seeing billboards, The price of dark data
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icon_news17 July 2020
The skills we need, Rebuilding AU, Clearview’s privacy mess, Oovvuu’s WordPress win, Digital loyalty, Dimensional accounting
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icon_news10 July 2020
AU’s startup rankings, Digital preferences, CovidSafe kudos, Martech hubris, BCG’s Top-50 innovators, InsurTech’s CX healthcheck
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icon_news3 July 2020
Future shock, AIIA digital recovery wishlist, Bots take 3PL load, Ransomware’s evil scourge, Industry 4.0 hub
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icon_news26 June 2020
Contact tracing shambles, Offshoring tide turns, Cheers Amazon, SMEs’ WFH spend-up, NZ Tech Ed reforms questioned, Craft brewer toasts new ERP
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icon_news19 June 2020
Facial recognition virtues, Remote work tolls, ERP testing, Google & Facebook depoliticise, Covid data drops
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icon_news12 June 2020
Datacom’s SA jobs boost, Next-level border biometrics, Alibaba trades up, Twin success, MUCE-ing DX
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icon_news5 June 2020
Amazon’s blockchain, SMB’s online pain, Cybersecurity failing, Microsoft’s newsmaker bots, Smart cities
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