icon_news25 June 2021
Hail the C$O, Integration success, AU’s (un)competitiveness, Agritech trends, AI shame, News in brief
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icon_news18 June 2021
Agritech predictions, AI hall of shame, MoJ gets compliant, Kiwi immigration, VaxCerts, News briefs
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icon_news11 June 2021
Vaccine certificates, Decisioning trumps data, Council-tech, New CX channels flop, Sustainability gains, AppWrap news in brief
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icon_news4 June 2021
CX botfails, AU’s CTO plans, Sustainability’s red light, Composing modern ERP, Investment gold, AppWrap weekly wrap
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icon_news28 May 2021
Composable ERP, Investing in Kiwi tech, The DX myth, Speech analytics, Building a BI plan, AppWrap
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icon_news21 May 2021
DX is over, Composing APIs, Bupa’s speech analytics, BI strategy, InfoGovernance, Construction data mining
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icon_news14 May 2021
Information governance, Construction’s data detectives, (Net)Suitrepreneurs, Hyperautomation, Cybersec juniors
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icon_news7 May 2021
Hyping Hyperautomation, (Net)Suitrepreneurs, Taking cybersec to five year olds, Octopus Deploy, Switched on CIO, EU’s AI clampdown
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icon_news30 April 2021
Octopus deploys VC $, Brussels muscles AI, NZ’s health restart, Integration tips, Smarter outsourcing, SaaS-y business
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icon_news23 April 2021
SaaS up your business, BCG’s outsourcing 101, Powering up integration, Digital comms strategy, Transparency best for IT budgets, Tech spend recovers
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