icon_news26 July 2019
Ransomware warnings, SAP’s cloudy results, Privacy regulation pressures, Cloud app cyberthreats, Drone dreams, Farming data
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icon_news19 July 2019
Digital trust, Agile CEOs, Data concerns, Zag goes spatial, Intergen’s digital win, Veolia cleans up asset management
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icon_news12 July 2019
Twinning success, Going to the edge, Newcastle double delight, Call me loyal, E-invoicing
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icon_news5 July 2019
‘Uber bus’ plans, PaaS-ing your IaaS, Facebook self-reg?, API’s are killer bees, Forex disruptor, E-business gains for Force phone accessories
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icon_news28 June 2019
E-commerce report, Watchdogs sniff Afterpay, ChCh effect hits security awareness, Adtech scrutiny, Inoculating algorithms, Nulon lubes up operations
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icon_news21 June 2019
ANZ leads cloud, Uber’s ‘ere mate, Salesforce’s power play, CIO of the Year, Internet 2019, AP KPIs
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icon_news14 June 2019
Digital ID’s Catch-22, Microsoft & Oracle cloud-mash, Artificial empathy, Wifi safety, Social shopping
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icon_news7 June 2019
Boardroom tech upgrade, Skills assessment gaps, Smart city pin-ups, Top risks revealed, Calgary’s security cop, Manufacturing wearables
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icon_news31 May 2019
Datacom’s TechOne challenger, Canva security breach, Chatbots failing, Blockchain diamonds, Trustworthy AI, NASA’s data democratisation
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icon_news24 May 2019
Software tidal-wave predicted, Appstore lawsuit, Beyond the Christchurch Call, AR VR XR…reality worries, Agtech blasts-off, Better hunches = better business
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