Chris Bell

Anatomy of technology

The anatomy of technology as a change agent

March 24, 2014 | Chris Bell
The joint forces of data analytics, mobile solutions, social applications and cloud computing are disrupting whole industries and forcing change. Businesses that do not adapt are in danger of becoming extinct. Chris Bell asks the experts if change today actually begins with technology, and whether it should… read more...
Man machine

Man, machine and the productivity story

January 7, 2014 | Chris Bell
Technology has increased productivity and emancipated humankind from day-to day tasks, enabling automation over drudgery, hasn’t it? The march of the machine continues into the digital age… read more...

E-health technology shows vital signs

August 21, 2013 | Chris Bell
From referrals systems to electronic health records and devices that allow patients to monitor their symptoms, health sector technology is evolving… read more...
Cloud resilience at what price

Cloud resilience at what price?

July 11, 2011 | Chris Bell
What factors should businesses consider, and what questions should they ask prospective providers, to ensure their operations and their business critical data stay safe in the cloud?… read more...
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