Cincom powers organic growth for fruit and vegetable supplier

Published on the 14/12/2017 | Written by Cincom

T&F All States vegetables


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  • FMCG (fruit and vegetables)


  • Reduce business costs
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Improve order accuracy and performance
  • Grow revenues


  • Cincom Priority Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution


  • Supply chain visibility
  • Process efficiency for consistent on time, accurate order delivery
  • Reduced overheads for improved profitability


Graeme King – Country Manager
T: +61 2 8875 1400

Software vendor prioritises T&F All States’ connection to freshness…

With a dynamic environment in which accuracy and speed are crucial to success, a Sydney fruit and vegetable supplier has chosen Cincom to handle its business software requirements. With the Priority enterprise resource planning solution in place, T&F All States is equipped to rapidly process its orders with a high degree of automation, getting its deliveries right every time.

As a diverse fruit and vegetable supplier servicing the greater Sydney region and regional centres throughout New South Wales, T&F All States supplies fresh and prepared fruits and vegetables via a pack-to-order process directly to the hospitality establishment, major government organisations and Health Services, Food manufacturers, shipping businesses (both passenger and commercial), airlines and schools

Situation and solution
T & F chose the Priority ERP solution and the Cincom Environ event-enabled integration solution to improve its complex business process and help with its strategic growth plans, explains T & F All States’ Business and Administration Manager, Arthur Zinopoulos. “We use pack-to-order when processing fruits and vegetables. Products are purchased from the markets and processed, packaged and shipped within a time frame of 24 hours or less.”

According to Zinopoulos, “During our initial meeting, Cincom took the time to understand our business needs. That’s one of the reasons we selected them. Our needs were intricate, and today, our partnership with Cincom is valued greatly.”

Given the perishable nature of the goods it handles, time is of the essence: anything sitting on a shelf can go from valuable to the tip in a matter of hours or days. That’s why T&F wasn’t prepared to compromise on the software powering the company. And it has to do with data; just like produce orders, the data must be accurate and on time to enable fast, fresh deliveries, every time.

“Our underlying business process has improved with Priority due to the categorisation of products into many levels. This gives us transparency and better reporting capabilities,” confirms Zinopoulos.

He adds that Priority’s reporting capability gives the company’s operative the ability to access information at any stage of the ‘farm to customer’ process. “For example, we can accept orders as late as 5:00 a.m. through 1:00 a.m. the next day, and have that order dispatched on time as requested by their customer the very next day.”

Result: Operational excellence
Zinopoulos says Cincom’s software has made a valuable contribution to operational efficiency. “The impact this has had on our customers is that we are now able to absolutely guarantee a quick turnaround. We have the flexibility to adapt to changes in customers’ requests and flexibility in lead times; for example, a customer may request an earlier delivery, and we can adapt rapidly to this request, process the order and deliver the order on time, guaranteeing a satisfied customer.”

“With Priority, we can adapt rapidly to customers’ requests, process the orders and deliver on time, guaranteeing a satisfied customer.”
Arthur Zinopoulos, Business and Administration Manager

As a fast-moving commodity, the margins on fruit and vegetables is notoriously thin. That’s why one of the greatest benefits T&F All States has gained is a reduction in its overheads since implementing Priority. That, along with never missing an order, is crucial to the company’s ongoing success.

Equipped with the ability to react to events by looking at and analysing customer buying buyer behaviour, it is even able to anticipate and better understand orders. For example, when an anonymous fax arrived late at night requesting shipment the next day (the customer’s employee failed to include details), T&F, using Priority, was able to analyse the order, compare against previous similar ones to successfully identify the customer, process the order and have it shipped to Canberra, arriving the very next morning.

Zinopoulos says Cincom software plays an indispensable role in T&F’s business. “The knowledge and technical skills of Cincom’s staff continue to indicate that we had made a good choice. We have always found Cincom willing to assist us. We have requested some complex modifications over the years, and the Cincom team is 100 percent behind us, supporting us in our journey with Priority”.


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