smart city awards

NZ and City of Newcastle win big in smart cities

July 11, 2019 | Heather Wright
NZ takes three gongs, Newcastle two in APAC awards… read more...
Digital twins_DHL trends

Are digital twins coming of age?

July 11, 2019 | Heather Wright
Twinning technology finding its feet in business…
Edge computing

Edge computing: IT’s next big thing

July 10, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton
Is this the final piece of the IoT/cloud tech puzzle?… read more...
Modern data centres

Compute accelerates to a 5G edge

July 9, 2019 | Heather Wright
2025 data centre research highlights IoT impacts, lack of greening… read more...
On demand bus

The new face of public transport: On-demand and algorithm-driven

July 5, 2019 | Heather Wright
Algorithms are gonna get you there more easily…one day… read more...
IaaS and PaaS cloud offerings

When IaaS becomes PaaS

July 4, 2019 | Heather Wright
A/NZ the same, but different when it comes to latest cloud adoption… read more...
CAANZ dis the Digital tax proposal

Accountants dis DST as unworkable

July 3, 2019 | Heather Wright
Retaliation fear cools interest in ‘Facebook tax’…
Airwallex foreign money exchange

Aussie forex disruptor one to watch

July 3, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton
The Melbourne-founded fintech has big expansion plans following its US$1b valuation… read more...
Facebook independent board

Facebook’s new ‘independent’ oversight board

July 2, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton
Why is content moderation being driven by Facebook? (Where’s the UN, the G20?)… read more...
CSIRO Data61 AI Vaccine

CSIRO doses AI with viral protection

June 28, 2019 | Heather Wright
‘Vaccine’ to protect algorithms against attack…
Real time bidding

Real time bidding and adtech under privacy scrutiny

June 27, 2019 | Heather Wright
UK data protection regulator slams RTB, tells industry…
Markeplaces - ecommerce shopping online

E-commerce market: 2019 update

June 27, 2019 | Heather Wright
Marketplaces and buy now pay later drive surge to online… read more...

AfterPay faces AU watchdogs and NZ regulators

June 26, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton
Buy now, pay later company’s dramas reveals an industry in upheaval… read more...
QR code payments_Juniper report

QR codes open gateway to EFTPOS-less payments

June 26, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton
The new way to pay. No it’s not Facebook’s Libra… read more...
Mary Meeker internet report

Winning on the internet: Mary Meeker’s 2019 insights

June 20, 2019 | Heather Wright
Pictures, pricing and privacy key takeaways from latest Internet report… read more...
Race to the cloud_Infosys

Who dares wins: A/NZ leads on global cloud adoption

June 19, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton
According to a new report, New Zealand and Australia are world leaders in enterprise cloud adoption… read more...
Uber Air_Melbourne

Melbourne secures Uber Air trial for 2020

June 19, 2019 | Jonathan Cotton
The publicity-prone ride-share company vows it will debut flying taxis next year… read more...
Marc Benioff_salesforce acquires Tableau

Salesforce takes on Tableau

June 18, 2019 | Heather Wright
On the back of Google lapping up Looker, the power plays are under way in data and analytics land… read more...
Zag_Best workplace

Here’s how culture makes bacon ‘n’ eggs of strategy

June 18, 2019 | Donovan Jackson
Zag’s impressive growth depends on taking its people on the journey… read more...
Disruption of CIO_KPMG survey

CIO role under disruption threat

June 17, 2019 | Heather Wright
Crisis of influence as board reputation down, business managed IT up… read more...

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