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Enables the executive management team, managers, and business analysts to monitor key performance metrics…

eHarmony Inc., Santa Monica, California-based, was founded in 2000 and is a pioneer in using relationship science to match singles seeking long-term relationships. Its service, available in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Brazil, presents users with compatible matches based on key dimensions of personality that are scientifically proven to predict highly successful, long-term relationships.

With user-friendly reports, scorecards, dashboards, and an intuitive mobile application, MicroStrategy enables the analysis of customer satisfaction, marketing initiatives, and new product features in order to drive business growth. The MicroStrategy-based application gives eHarmony a high-level view of performance data and trends, as well as the ability to drill down into the metrics to identify areas for improvement.

eHarmony case study

MicroStrategy was selected for its intuitive user interface, powerful analytics, and flexibility to slice and dice data across multiple dimensions.

MicroStrategy provides eHarmony managers and analysts with a reliable platform and an interface where they can get actionable and close to real-time information from a multi-terabyte data warehouse. eHarmony relies heavily on Intelligent Cubes and caching to decrease the execution time to all its dashboards and most reports to just seconds. By utilizing MicroStrategy, the BI team has been able to gain many efficiencies and delivers insight to stakeholders faster and more reliably.

A seamless transition to mobile BI with the mobile QuickStrike consulting engagement

eHarmony constantly strives to enhance its eHarmony.com and Jazzed.com sites and the services it provides to its customers. Critical to this effort is effectively engaging customers, encouraging new site visitors and subscribers, and continuing to provide a high level of service. Another important component is understanding how website visitors interact with those websites, analysing prevalent trends, and identifying what drives visitors to subscribe to those. To this end, eHarmony executives need constant access to these critical touch points of the business. eHarmony executives expressed a clear need to look at their most critical key performance indicators on-the-go to enable timely decision-making. eHarmony evaluated MicroStrategy Mobile to see how it could enhance its existing MicroStrategy applications and extend them to the iPhone and, in the future, the iPad.

To help eHarmony initiate its mobile BI project, MicroStrategy conducted a Mobile QuickStrike, a consulting engagement completed over a matter of days, in which they helped the company storyboard, develop, and support a brand new iPhone app. For eHarmony, the Mobile QuickStrike was the perfect way to hit the ground running and produce a fully-functioning mobile app tailored to the company’s business requirements.

Mobile QuickStrikeAn iPhone app focused on customer and marketing analysis
The company’s C-level executives, directors, and managers of marketing and product teams use the iPhone app daily to track prevalent site trends and take steps to improve the user experience. The iPhone app consists of two main sections, one devoted to the eHarmony.com matchmaking website and one focused on Jazzed.com, eHarmony’s search-based website. A business user can access either of these sections via the app’s home screen.

Customer, marketing, and user engagement analysis are the focus of both of these sections of the app. Marketing managers, in particular, are interested in seeing how changes to eHarmony.com and Jazzed.com websites and associated marketing promotions are affecting site traffic, registrations, subscriptions, and personal profile completion. A critical element is evaluating marketing campaign performance. eHarmony uses the iPhone app to gauge campaign performance to see whether, for example, clicking on a certain promotional advertisement led to a site visitor becoming an eHarmony subscriber. This enables eHarmony to identify the campaigns which are most effective in drawing visitors to the websites. eHarmony also performs customer analysis to gain insight into their customer base, and how customers are interacting with eHarmony.com and Jazzed.com websites. All of this insight is available to business users at any time, anywhere, via eHarmony’s iPhone app.

Our goal was to have an iPhone app workflow that delivered all the necessary information in fewer than three taps. Our iPhone app delivers that and a very quick, concise, and intuitive mobile experience. We’ve been impressed with the ease-of-use of MicroStrategy Mobile” said Grant Parsamyan, Director, Data Warehousing and Analytics.


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