Marnong Estate’s complex business wrapped in single solution

Published on the 06/12/2018 | Written by MYOB

Marnong Estate


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  • Tourism, Entertainment, Food and Beverage


  • Reduce the double-handling of data over multiple systems
  • Reduce the number of multiple entities that have no automatic, overarching view
  • To create a foundation for the company to expand
  • Create an ‘easy’ view of business trends


  • MYOB Advanced Business


  • Less time spent on repetitive manual tasks has increased capacity of each staff member
  • Management for each entity is broken down into more detail
  • Customised reporting now delivers easy answers to overarching questions
  • Integrations with existing systems have provided ‘seamless’ flow of data


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With even more facilities planned, the business needed MYOB Advanced to simplify their ever-growing complexity…

A simple, single solution
Marnong Estate, named after the aboriginal yam daisy, is a winery, accommodation, conference and wedding facility located 35 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. Ever-growing with multiple facilities catering to diverse events and dining, the operation recently selected MYOB Advanced as it’s management solution. It’s delivered organisation-wide benefits.

Double handling, no single view
With its growing size and complexity, Marnong Estate was making do with disparate systems for separate parts of its business – Ezy Wines for wine manufacture and Sage CRE – Construction & Real Estate, for example. While each system suited its purpose, the lack of integration required double handling and offered very little overarching organisational oversight.

Marnong Estate General Manager Gerald Ackroyd explains that this was affecting every part of the business. “It doesn’t give you quick easy answers – you can’t see trends. At a micro level you’re transferring information across – you’re doing a lot of double tasking just to get the same result.”

As Marnong Estate grew, Ackroyd knew this limitation would become a real liability.

Managing an organisational structure “on steroids”

What Marnong Estate needed, explains Ackroyd, was something cloud-based that could operate all the separate entities, but still be “integrated back into an umbrella view.”

When Ackroyd went looking for solutions, what struck him about MYOB Advanced was its capacity to grow alongside Marnong Estate. “I’ve used many systems,” he explains. “But what Advanced offers is scalability.”

While Ackroyd could see Advanced would deal with the ever-expanding business’s data needs, it would also scale in terms of complexity. “Other companies start with five entities, maximum, and they’ve got the same chart of accounts so that’s not a difficult scenario.

We’re doing all that on steroids, plus each company is set up with sub-accounts used as departmental accounts. MYOB Advanced itself provides answers to all of it.”

Ackroyd says Advanced is “just as powerful as any other ERP system” but offers more advantages: “It offers flexibility on a greater scale and provides the tools we need to get the business done. And the licensing isn’t out of reach – it’s made things affordable.”

“It’s just as powerful as any other ERP system but offers flexibility on a greater scale, provides tools to get the business done and the licensing isn’t out of reach – it’s made things affordable.”

Big efficiency gains and total picture
More than anything, implementing MYOB Advanced has created a pathway of future growth for Marnong Estate.

Customised reporting collates detailed financial information from their multiple companies – a task that used to be done manually. With these repetitive tasks now mostly automated, Ackroyd says he’s seen an immediate difference in the day-to-day lives of staff.

“It’s made daily tasks more efficient – we’ve increased the capability of the end user, and that suddenly opens up more opportunities.”

Advanced offers the “clean” solution he was looking for, saying it “completes the circle” by allowing each entity to be individually managed, in their own general ledgers and in multiple currencies.

“But it all comes through in the overarching view,” he adds. “That gives us transparency all the way to the end user.”

Like with any big change, Marnong staff needed time to adjust, but found the system “simple.”

“Once people were using it, the help-tools, the support and everything else has been magnificent.”

Marnong Estate is looking forward to implementing more integrations, to feed more data into MYOB Advanced. Integration with their property management system, for example, will deliver seamless data and fewer errors. Ackroyd sees that as ultimately delivering even more efficiency gains.

“It will allow us to streamline our office-based staff to do multi-company management,” he says.

“Once the data’s all in MYOB Advanced, it has the full capability of giving me any level of detail that I want. The opportunity to set up custom reporting will provide the majority of that,” says Ackroyd. “It will mean we can get an all-encompassing report by just pressing a button.”

“It completes the circle. It allows each entity to be individually managed, but it all comes through in the overarching view. That gives us transparency all the way to the end user.”

Source: This article was originally sourced from MYOB


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