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Published on the 05/07/2018 | Written by MYOB

Breast Cancer Network Australia
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  • Not For Profit


  • Create a better reporting system
  • Remove excessive paperwork
  • Reduce the cumbersome approvals process
  • Cost centre management is slow and difficult
  • The ability to budget at cost centre level


  • MYOB Advanced Business


  • Drill-down capability for greater detail in reporting
  • Integration with CRM speeds up data management
  • Sub-accounts structure enables better revenue control
  • Cloud structure saves costs, improves access
  • Future-proofed for greater efficiency and better information delivery


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Helping not-for-profits to keep up with demand…

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer, and consists of a network of more than 120,000 members and 288 Member Groups. Widely recognised for its innovative fundraising activities, the ever-increasing complexity of managing its revenue streams put serious pressure on its business systems. BCNA moved up to MYOB Advanced.

System not geared for future changes
“I wasn’t unhappy with Exo; it just no longer suited the way our organisation was headed,” Allison Southwell, Head of Corporate Services recalls. “In recent years the size of our organisation has doubled. With donors becoming more savvy and wanting more information on what their donations are being used for, the level of detail that we need to provide in our reports has increased.”

BCNA’s frontline support offering comes from its helpline and from printed material, such as its My Journey kit. Thousands of these information kits are distributed to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer every year, at an annual cost of around half a million dollars. About 55% of BCNA’s income is spent on salaries and wages for its support and office staff. Managing its various fundraising projects (Pink Bun campaign, Pink Lady luncheons, etc.) was becoming too much for the Exo system.

“Because we have so many projects on the go, we needed to break down the accounts in detail for each project. We also wanted something that could integrate with our Salesforce CRM system.”

Integration and serious reporting
“BCNA trusted the MYOB brand, and the MYOB Partner recommended a closer look at Advanced.

“It looked like a good package and its reporting and integration capabilities really impressed me,” says Allison. “The consultants we dealt with were more than accommodating. They helped us work through the issues and showed how we could design Advanced to both help us now and into the future. They questioned how we did things and made us realise that we didn’t need to necessarily do it the same way in Advanced, which made us think about our improving our processes.”

Allison wanted to implement a sub-accounts structure within Advanced, to handle the issue of project management. It gave BCNA the capability to produce reports based on any dimension within a project, such as Event, Programme, Source and Funder.

Advanced is a cloud-based system, which saved BCNA significant infrastructure and data migration costs, with the bonus of being able to access the system from anywhere.

“The MYOB Partner questioned how we did things, which made us think about our improving our processes.”

Detailed project costing achieved
Advanced is now delivering the sort of information that BCNA needs to deliver transparent information and handle future growth. “Advanced is very, very user-friendly,” says Allison. “I love its drill-down capability; the fact that I can click on a link and find my way to a source document without having to flick between modules is very good, as well as the ease with which it works in and out of Excel.”

With Advanced’s project costing capabilities, Allison can now (for example) set up projects funded by federal government through Cancer Australia and break it down into various revenue streams, delivering detailed accounts for projects that can run for periods ranging from several months to three years.

“Advanced delivers transparency for organisations like ours.”

Salesforce captures about 80% of BCNA’s income, so integration with Advanced reduces data entry and the risk of errors, while delivering a transparent audit trail. Advanced also opens up a path to great autonomy for system users in accessing live information.

“I want to be able to give my team leaders, managers and senior executives the opportunity to get their own information rather than them having to rely on me to generate the information and interpret it for them,” Allison says. “We have a very engaged board and finance sub-committee, who they take their responsibilities very seriously and so the level of reporting they require is increasing as well. We’re now able to give the board the confidence that the organisation is being well managed.”

BCNA’s board is also embracing the digital future, and the potential to deliver its My Journey information kits more effectively.

“In Australia about 17,500 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, which is a lot of kits,” Allison says. “We’re now working on a digital transformation in the way we deliver information. In the cancer area things are changing so rapidly with new treatments and new drugs, and printed material just can’t keep up with the changes. So our focus is about satisfying demands for information and reducing our costs.”

As the population ages, the incidence of breast cancer will only increase. BCNA is looking to increase its range of support services and revenue streams, and MYOB Advanced is giving it confidence going forward.

“The ability to support my team in doing what we do well means I have to have systems and processes in place that work easily, efficiently and can get things done,” Allison concludes. “Advanced delivers transparency for organisations like ours; the ability to empower my managers and executives and through them the board, to be able to make well informed decisions based on real, accurate information.

“My mantra through most of my career has been being able to provide timely, accurate and consistent reporting, and the ability to do that is no different for a corporate giant or a charity like ours. We’re now at a level where we need something that is going to help us grow and I believe Advanced will do that.”

Source: This article was originally sourced from MYOB


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