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iStart Issue 49 emag

iStart magazine – Industrial IT | Quarter One 2015

multimedia |March 18, 2015 | Clare Coulson

Today we are living through one such revolutionary phase: the digital age, where the physical and digital intersect on almost every level, and where businesses that do not take a digital-first approach are sliding ever behind… [View emag]

iStart Issue 48 emag

iStart magazine – IT skills – a chequered landscape | Quarter Four 2014

multimedia |December 15, 2014 | Clare Coulson

Over the last several months we’ve been walking a mile in your shoes as we develop our new website. I’m sure we’ve encountered many of the same frustrations as you do in your IT projects… [View emag]

iStart Issue 47 emag

iStart magazine – The data economy | Quarter Three 2014

multimedia |August 1, 2014 | Clare Coulson

I am an unrepentant fan of the internet of things. Day-ta (or dar-tah, however you may pronounce it), is flooding the world by the petabyte and actually becoming useful thanks to the connectivity of things, the data they collect and ubiquitous cloud computing… [View emag]

iStart Issue 46 emag

iStart magazine – The voice of the customer | Quarter Two 2014

multimedia |May 1, 2014 | Clare Coulson

The customer is king. Yes, it sounds clichéd but it’s the truth, and the common theme that ran through the conversations behind this issue. And yet many companies still haven’t learnt the lesson… [View emag]

iStart Issue 45 emag

iStart magazine – The agents of change | Quarter One 2014

multimedia |February 1, 2014 | Clare Coulson

Several things have happened as I prepare to go to print with this issue which have reconfirmed my belief that technology is an agent of change. Deloitte has just forecast that 10 million wearable computers will be sold this year… [View emag]

iStart Issue 44 emag

iStart magazine – The social age, for better or worse | Quarter Four 2013

multimedia |November 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson

I’m not a speeds ‘n’ feeds person. I don’t get excited by shiny new boxes – well, not the tech sort anyway. When I first began as a technology journalist I was frankly overwhelmed by the thought of having to memorise specifications and feature sets to compare and contrast them. And then I realised, it’s not about the numbers, it’s what you do with them that counts. You have to look at the bigger picture, so in this issue we consider man and his machines… [View emag]

istart Issue 43 emag

iStart magazine – Big Data, Big Brother | Quarter Three 2013

multimedia |August 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson

We are living in interesting times – times that are redefining the world we live in. Today, there is little definition between public and private; companies, governments and criminals alike exploit all they know about us to further their various capitalist, protective and nefarious agendas. [View emag]

iStart magazine Issue 42 | Quarter Two 2013

multimedia |May 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson

Welcome back. A little piece of trivia crossed my desk last week informing me that the first website ever was published just 20 years ago – it’s hard to believe what’s happened since. The site (info.cern.ch) has been resurrected by the scientists at CERN to “preserve some of the digital assets that are associated with the birth of the web”. It’s hardly Lest We Forget, but it is a quaint milestone…[View emag]


iStart magazine Issue 41 | Quarter One 2013

multimedia |February 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson

The health of our IT sector and its projects are a recurring theme throughout this issue. Those behind New Zealand’s ailing Ministry of Education payroll system, Novopay, have lurched from one error-ridden pay cycle to the next. The project has already sucked up the $30 million budget and caused many a headache in school offices nationwide. Hardly a poster child for efficiency and money well-spent, but, perhaps, an education opportunity for how not to deliver IT…[View emag]

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