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Agrifood tech event

This event allows delegates to explore what’s next in the agrifood tech space, covering three main themes; food – farm – future. evokeAG. is an immersive experience delivering diverse topics and cutting edge innovation from across the region and around the world. It is the only event of its type where people come together to connect, collaborate and evolve all things agriculture.

Our unique program is designed so delegates can ‘design’ their own event experience. With simultaneous activities, amazing conversations, interactive sessions and networking opportunities. The program is curated into three arenas – food, farm, future.

Darryn Keiller, CEO – Autogrow
Steven Suanders, Founder and managing Director – Robotics Plus
Jo Burston, Co-founder and managing director – startup.bisiness
Andrew Coppin, Managing Director – Farmbot Monitoring Solutions
Callan Daley, Field technician – MEQ Probe
Ben van Delden, Partner, Agrifood Tech Sector Lead – KPMG Australia
Darren HUghes, Co-founder and managing director – Laconik
Brad Ones, Director – Bungulla Farming

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