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Easy excel-based reporting that eliminates data dumping

As a new year unfolds, everyone is thinking about how to improve over last year. Whether you want to improve your work-life balance, reduce inefficiencies, or produce more in less time, the answer is the same – find a tool that automates your financial and operational reporting.

Why is that the best solution? Not only will this save you hours by cutting out manual data dumps and report building, but now you can spend your time on data analysis and get home at a decent hour even during your period close.

Sound too good to be true? Join us on 28 January for our 30-minute group demo, “Easy Excel-Based Reporting That Eliminates Data Dumping,” which will illustrate how to:

  • Easily create real-time financial and operational reports without IT help
  • Identify and solve issues with drill-down functionality, from transactional to invoice details
  • Share and distribute reports across your team with ease

Adopt a new solution throughout your business that is quick to install.


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