Six things to do during and after a Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade

Published on the 08/05/2015 | Written by Newsdesk

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Ryan Budge, Technical Delivery Manager – Microsoft Dynamics NAV, looks at what you can do during and after your next upgrade to ensure a successful project…

In my last post I looked at what an organisation can do to prepare itself for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade. In addition to that, there are six other areas we recommend that our customers address both during and after a NAV upgrade.

Here are the 6 things to do during and after a Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade

1 – Have a System Champion
Having a person who will own the product within the organisation (such as key users) will ensure that there is someone who will know the product from end-to-end and is able to ensure that everything is working correctly.

2 – Test, Test, Test
Testing so important we have to say it three times! Both the organisation and the implementation partner need to make sure the system is ready and tested for all business processes.

3 – Training Staff
This is an important step in any upgrade. Some users don’t take to a new system very well so it’s important to make sure the users of the system are comfortable with the new version. Organising a session where your system champion can assist staff members in using and performing day to day tasks
Once the upgrade is complete there are several things that need to be addressed to ensure a smooth transition.

4 – Backups and Database Maintenance Setup
This mitigates the risk in case of a disaster and makes sure that the backups and data maintenance are in place.

5 – Check Integration
If any integration to third party systems exist its worth checking in the new version after go-live that everything is still working as expected.

6 – Refresh Test Database
Once the go-live has been completed and the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is up and running, it’s a good idea to keep your test database up-to-date.

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