Whitepaper: Order to cash automation

Published on the 16/09/2020 | Written by Esker

Order to cash automation

What’s in it for accounts receivable leaders?…

Cash is king and automated order-to-cash solutions have proven to be an effective way of getting cash flow moving in the right direction.

Order-to-cash solutions bridge the chasm between receiving orders and applying cash, automating all the processes required to receive and process sales, from order management and fulfillment to invoicing and payment processing.

This whitepaper will show you the cash-flow benefits of automating the O2C process:

  • Reduce DSO
  • Fewer customer deductions
  • Lower write-offs
  • Better financial control
  • More accurate cash forecasting

Each of these benefits of an automated O2C solution is impressive. Together, they can significantly accelerate a company’s cash flow.

The technology eliminates the friction that impacts cash flow.


  • Sales order processing remains a manual affair
  • The problem with manual 02C processes
  • The ramifications of imperfect orders
  • An end-to-end solution to slow cash flow
  • The power of 02C automation
  • Why automate 02C now
  • About Esker
  • About the Institute of Finance and Management

Order-to-cash automation whitepaper


Download the whitepaper: Order-to-cash automation





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