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Esker webinar

Video: Automating collections

multimedia |May 12, 2021 | Esker

Improving your accounts receivable efficiency is cash in the bank…

Competing with the cloud natives

Competing with the Cloud Natives

multimedia |November 26, 2020 | Jade Software

Migrating to the cloud takes vision, persistence and capability…

iStart - Digitising CX

Automation – A Practical Guide to Digitising CX

multimedia |October 27, 2020 | Cincom

Stalled digital transformation? Get the basics right…

Have you outgrown your accounting software

Have you Outgrown your Accounting Software?

multimedia |December 12, 2019 | Oracle NetSuite

Your systems should match to your business…

Modernise your planning and budgeting

Modernise Your Planning & Budgeting

multimedia |November 1, 2019 | Oracle NetSuite

The future trends making planning better for business…

The Age of Industry Transformation

The Age of Industry Transformation

multimedia |August 30, 2019 | Infor

Transformation is on everyone’s agenda…

Evaluating Return on ERP Investment

multimedia |July 31, 2019 | Oracle NetSuite

Is your ERP delivering results?…

Modern Software Project Management

Modern Software Project Management

multimedia |May 16, 2019 | Sage

Expert tips to evaluate and manage the costs and risks of new software projects…

Automation benefits and risks webinar

Automation Benefits and Risks

multimedia |April 4, 2019 | Cincom

Will automation result in a workforce paid to be on holiday?…

Building trust into your data_Sage webinar

Building Trust into your Data

multimedia |February 28, 2019 | Sage

Success with analytics starts with good data governance…

Advanced manufacturing_Cincom webinar

Advanced Manufacturing: Why Henry Ford got it wrong

multimedia |November 15, 2018 | Cincom

Today’s convenience economy creates a huge challenge for manufacturers…

Cloud as a platform for growth video

Cloud as a Platform for Growth

multimedia |September 5, 2018 | iStart

Listen to our panel of experts talk about the benefits of running your business in a cloud ecosystem…

Best Practise ERP evaluation

Best practise ERP evaluation

multimedia |July 30, 2018 | Oracle NetSuite

If year-end pain has you considering better accounting, you might want to watch this webinar Best Practise ERP Evaluation…

Modern project management_Financialforce

Modern Project Management with Professional Services Automation

multimedia |May 31, 2018 | iStart

Listen to our panel of experts talk about the world of projects and how project management has changed…

Recording -Digital transformation for B2B companies

Digital Transformation for B2B Companies

multimedia |April 19, 2018 | iStart

The world of paper-based, error prone, and rigid processes does not work in today’s digital first B2B world…

Top four CFO imperatives for 2018

What are the top four CFO imperatives for 2018?

multimedia |March 15, 2018 | iStart

Probably be the best value financial advice you’ll receive this year…


Finding and selecting the right software

multimedia |November 29, 2017 | iStart

If you’re looking to improve the systems that help you run your business then this webinar is for you…

Lunch Box: Simplifying Quote to Cash in B2B Sales

multimedia |November 2, 2017 | Cincom

Optimising your buyer journey to deliver bottom line results…

Lunch Box: Everything as a Service – Driving the new economy

multimedia |September 5, 2017 | iStart

This webinar is relevant for any business leader challenged with balancing resources and time-based billing in service businesses…

Tim Sheedy and Stephen Irecki

Webinar: Technology Strategies To Drive Digital Business Transformation

multimedia |June 2, 2016 | iStart

Insights for technology leaders wanting to understand how they can help their companies transform into digital businesses…

Epicor lunchbox

Lunch Box: CFO Decisions – Instinct vs Insights

multimedia |December 3, 2015 | iStart

This recorded webinar provides professional CFO decision management tips…

iStart_STM Bags

Lunch Box: Embracing disruption

multimedia |October 29, 2015 | iStart

Disruption and digital transformation have been getting a lot of attention lately…

Software planning

Lunch Box: CFO insights on selecting software to create an agile business

multimedia |May 29, 2015 | iStart

A guide to increase success and reduce risk…

ERP roundtable

Lunch Box: ERP expert roundtable

multimedia |October 29, 2014 | iStart

ERP Insights Roundtable – Selection and Implementation Advice from Industry Experts

B2B marketing report

Lunch Box: B2B Content Marketing

multimedia |February 19, 2014 | iStart

Holger Schulze has been involved in numerous roles in B2B marketing in the IT industry – he describes himself as taking a “German engineering” approach to B2B marketing…

Paul Budde

Lunch Box: Trends in digital commerce

multimedia |November 6, 2013 | iStart

Long term competitive success depends for many organisations on smart technologies…

Lunch Box: Surviving the customer revolution

multimedia |September 26, 2013 | iStart

The September 25th webinar “Surviving the customer revolution” provided insight into the new playing field in customer relations…

Lunch Box: VoIP phones: “Get yourself a better phone system”

multimedia |August 11, 2012 | iStart

Are you paying too much for telecommunications? – a look at running your office phones over a broadband connection.

Lunch Box: Performance Management: “Lessons for managers from Angry Birds”

multimedia |February 22, 2012 | iStart

Managing combinations of people as a team.

Lunch Box: Excel – “Do the numbers”

multimedia |November 16, 2011 | iStart

Microsoft Excel – create, update and present data quickly and efficiently.

Lunch Box: Productivity – “Be more productive”

multimedia |August 17, 2011 | iStart

Using Microsoft Outlook effectively and efficiently.

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