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iStart magazine – The agents of change | Quarter One 2014

February 1, 2014 | Clare Coulson
Several things have happened as I prepare to go to print with this issue which have reconfirmed my belief that technology is an agent of change. Deloitte has just forecast that 10 million wearable computers will be sold this year… [View emag] read more...
disruptive acquisition

Disruptive acquisition

January 16, 2014 | Clare Coulson
Directors and boards are used to navigating post-acquisition IT roadmaps, signing off on piles of cash to standardise information systems and deliver the sought-after cost efficiencies. But too often in the process they stifle the innovative systems and processes of the acquired party, throwing the metaphorical baby out with the bathwater. Clare Coulson investigates and finds a new approach is needed to foster and nurture the tech nuggets that are capable of disrupting business and magnifying future success…[View as PDF] read more...

Fletcher Building lays foundations for success

November 2, 2013 | Clare Coulson
Fletcher Building is a NZ$6.5 billion company operating with 19,000 staff in more than 40 countries, manufacturing and distributing building and construction products. Its varied brands include such household names as Formica, Golden Bay Cement and Easysteel, but its HR practices and platforms are as diverse as its businesses…[View as PDF] read more...
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iStart magazine – The social age, for better or worse | Quarter Four 2013

November 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson
I’m not a speeds ‘n’ feeds person. I don’t get excited by shiny new boxes – well, not the tech sort anyway. When I first began as a technology journalist I was frankly overwhelmed by the thought of having to memorise specifications and feature sets to compare and contrast them. And then I realised, it’s not about the numbers, it’s what you do with them that counts. You have to look at the bigger picture, so in this issue we consider man and his machines… [View emag] read more...

Appealing Apps: 10 of the best for business

October 2, 2013 | Clare Coulson
With more than 1000 apps being submitted to the Apple App Store each day, not to mention those created for Android, the apposphere is a fast-changing environment so Clare Coulson puts a few of the best apps in the spotlight…[View as PDF] read more...

Survey reveals retailers on the back foot

September 11, 2013 | Clare Coulson
Motorola Retail Survey: Technology savvy shoppers know more about products than staff, forcing retailers to catch up. read more...
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iStart magazine – Big Data, Big Brother | Quarter Three 2013

August 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson
We are living in interesting times – times that are redefining the world we live in. Today, there is little definition between public and private; companies, governments and criminals alike exploit all they know about us to further their various capitalist, protective and nefarious agendas. [View emag] read more...
social media explained

Does social media suck for B2B?

June 18, 2013 | Clare Coulson
In the last few years every business has jumped on the social media bandwagon. It has fragmented marketing budgets and sucked up time and money, but to what end? Clare Coulson set out to get an idea if every business really needs to engage and reports back social-media style…[View as PDF] read more...
Business case

Business cases: are you setting up to fail?

June 11, 2013 | Clare Coulson
Any investment has to stand up to commercial rigour, IT projects even more so given their risk profile. A weak business justification for a project can lead to poor management buy-in and ultimately an unsuccessful project. Clare Coulson takes a look at the case for building better business cases…[View as PDF] read more...

iStart magazine Issue 42 | Quarter Two 2013

May 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson
Welcome back. A little piece of trivia crossed my desk last week informing me that the first website ever was published just 20 years ago – it’s hard to believe what’s happened since. The site ( has been resurrected by the scientists at CERN to “preserve some of the digital assets that are associated with the birth of the web”. It’s hardly Lest We Forget, but it is a quaint milestone…[View emag] read more...
Mind the gap

Mind the knowledge gap – IT in the boardroom

March 14, 2013 | Clare Coulson
Following a number of high-profile project train wrecks last year, iStart asks if there is enough understanding of IT at board level. Clare Coulson spoke to those in the know to get some answers…[View as PDF] read more...

iStart magazine Issue 41 | Quarter One 2013

February 1, 2013 | Clare Coulson
The health of our IT sector and its projects are a recurring theme throughout this issue. Those behind New Zealand’s ailing Ministry of Education payroll system, Novopay, have lurched from one error-ridden pay cycle to the next. The project has already sucked up the $30 million budget and caused many a headache in school offices nationwide. Hardly a poster child for efficiency and money well-spent, but, perhaps, an education opportunity for how not to deliver IT…[View emag] read more...
Digital wallet

Ditching the leather: mobile wallets here to stay?

December 12, 2012 | Clare Coulson
We’ve been talking about digital wallets for years, but now they are actually here Clare Coulson takes a look at the payments landscape and asks if we will be putting away our wallets for good…[View as PDF] read more...

Would you like an app with that?

December 12, 2012 | Clare Coulson
If you’re in business then you gotta have an app, right? Well, maybe. Before you rush out and build your new mobile application you need to decide just how your new solution fits into your overall business strategy…[View as PDF] read more...

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